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SYNEX combines a staff of eight full-time highly qualified engineers with part-time consultants for specific projects. This organizational structure makes it possible to create highly qualified teams for each study or project undertaken by the company.


In addition, SYNEX has entered into alliances and cooperation agreements with other Chilean and foreign consulting firms in order to develop projects in keeping with the varying scope and disciplines involved.

SYNEX has conducted studies for various government agencies in order to support reform processes in the energy sector. These reforms were intended to promote efficiency and attract private participation in the sector by separating the role of the state as policy maker from its entrepreneurial role; creating the appropriate institutions; deregulating oil, coal and gas prices; designing competitive wholesale power markets for generation and electricity supplying; and developing efficient pricing systems for transmission and distribution of electricity


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SYNEX is a leading consulting firm with extensive experience in designing and implementing energy policies aimed at promoting economic efficiency through decentralization, deregulation, development of competitive markets, efficient regulation of monopolistic activities and privatization of state owned companies.